Training update January

Today I (nearly) finished my first training block of four weeks. After three weeks of intense training, last week was easier with a bit of recovery. Next block will start on Monday with intense training again…

With training for both Challenge Roth and Ironman Hamburg I decided to make my training-plan a little mix. As in the past, the framework of my plan is Gale Bernhardt’s “Training plans for the multisport athlete”. This plan successfully brought me over the finish-line in Kalmar Ironman (2015).

The running part of Gale Bernhardt’s training-plan I, however, exchanged for the plan of Klaas Lok “het duurloopmisverstand”. Klaas Lok is a 26 time Dutch champion on different running distances (in the period 1974-1985). His training method mainly consists of doing interval training, in the range between 200m and 2.000m. Long slow running is usually not allowed. Yet, for marathon training one long training per week is included.

Is the plan bringing me anything, already? Don’t know. Well, one of the nice things about the plan from Klaas Lok is that it prevents me from boredom on the treadmill. Short intervals, sometimes with an incline, certainly are challenging. As the weather wasn’t particularly nice last few weeks and it still gets dark early, the treadmill has been the device for my running training.

Hopefully, in my next update I can tell you that I made a new PB on the 10K or 21.1K.